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Winter Storm Billing Update


  • This bill reflects YOUR 12-month average.
  • Leaks due to the Winter Storm will be considered on the March bill.

Dear KWSC Member,

                           Thank you all for your continual support and understanding during the last few weeks. The Winter Storm presented many challenges for each of us, but your understanding and patience through it all helped our staff focus on the most important thing – restoring service and providing the safest drinking water possible.

                           As you are now aware, KWSC along with all our members lost power for an extended amount of time from Feb 14 – Feb 18. When the power is off, or unstable for an extended amount of time our plant is equipped with generators that keep the plant treating water until power can be restored. KWSC was able to treat water throughout the storm, however, due to the increases in demand and the limited power of the generator to operate all the equipment, pressures began to drop throughout the system, until most were completely without water. Thankfully, when power was fully restored KWSC was able to recover within a matter of days and restore service to its members.  A boil water notice was issued on Feb 17 in accordance with TCEQ requirements because of low system pressure. When service was restored completely, KWSC staff rushed to flush and pull samples to take to an independent lab for testing. Within 18 hours of taking samples, KWSC had received negative total coliform and E. coli tests and was able to lift the boil water notice from its members on Feb 23.

                           Generally, KWSC staff would read the meters on or around the 15th of each month to calculate bills and send them to you on the 25th of each month. Due to the storm, we were unable to read meters and grab actual reads for billing. What KWSC has done, is to take a 12-month average of your account and bill for that amount. This will be accurate for most, but we expect some minor adjustments to be made in March when we read again. Please be patient with us. If you had leaks resulting from the storm, those leak adjustments will be considered in the April board meeting after meters have been read, actual usages calculated, and appropriate paperwork is received in our offices from those affected.

                           For now, please make all necessary fixes to your plumbing, keep an eye out for any leaks at neighbors’ homes that might not be permanent residents, and call our office if you see any water flowing down streets or highways. If you were impacted by the storm and expect to have a higher water bill in March when we read again, please call our office and speak to our staff and they will help direct you on your next steps. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Joshua Smith

C/S Supervisor - KWSC